Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Journey

On a journey of rolling roads, train tracks, a river.
As we near Baker we are stunned by snow capped
peaks before us then down, down into the valley
where wagon trains once stopped to restock, fix
broken parts, study the formidable Blue Mountains
across the long valley. Some decided to stay. We,
however, continue to drive the Oregon Trail in
our air conditioned vehicle that moves effortlessly
on a smoothly paved trail through those same passes
of long ago.

Eventually, we leave that trail to head north east
into Washington where the topography shifts to
rolling green hills of various shapes and hues.
Fertile land is covered by green--grass green,
wheat green, barely green, pea green, then fallow
fields of brown.

Evening falls and with it comes the delicious smell
of sweet from blooming Locust trees and the Wild Rose.

What a deliciously beautiful country we dwell in!
With every new vista I see the handiwork of
my God.

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