Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Raspberry

In the previous verse David talks about how
his God sees clearly even in the dark places.
His thoughts turn to a very dark place indeed.

"For, you formed my inward parts;
  You knitted me together in my mother's
   (Ps 139: 13)

The question of "when life begins," ends in this verse!

God takes a single cell and begins to knit, divide,
knit, divide... Another word for knit is to embroider
something like fine lace. From fertilization to the
completion of all the basic parts, takes about three
months. By then the heart is beating and transferring
blood throughout; eyes and ears are visible; hands
and feet have substance; nerves move the
developing muscles; cartilage becomes bone. From
a single cell to millions of specialized cells in just
three months of knitting?

At eight weeks the wee one is the size of a
raspberry, but one week before was only the
size of a blueberry. It won't be long before the
babe moves into the veggie section!

Thankfulness Corner:
A very special raspberry!

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