Monday, June 16, 2014

The Question

What is it like to get older and to lose the ability
to be safe in your own home? Very difficult.

At dinner last night, the gentleman across the
table told Mary that once she came to stay,
she would never be able to leave. Well, that
got her attention. Was that true? No more options?
Stuck without an exit?

This morning Mary was given an envelope
with her name on it that did not contain her
meds. She returned the envelope to the Aid
but was not given her medications in return.
Mary went to the desk to get help and left
empty handed.

Today is Mary's last day as a guest and a
decision must be made. I listen to her voice
and give thanks because it is a lucid day for
my friend. She is calm and deliberate. As
Mary talks I pick up on her question. Can she
trust the staff to listen to her and meet her needs?
As an RN Mary knows that people with
cognitive difficulties can be discounted. The
facility is new, the food is excellent, but will
she have a voice?

This morning I read:

"If I take the wings of the morning
   and dwell in the uttermost part of the
Even there your hand shall lead me
  and your right hand will hold me.
(Ps 139:9,10)

Last night a word of caution; today a med
error. Is God leading Mary to another place?
Praise God for dear friends of 45 years.
They know Mary, love Mary, listen to Mary,
and, they are with her right now.

Thankfulness Corner:
Bales of hay scattered throughout the field.

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