Monday, June 23, 2014

National Old Time Fiddler's Contest

Our little town of 5,000 swells considerably the third
week of June when people from all over arrive to camp
out on every spare spot of green. Glen grew up here but
as far as he knows, never picked up a fiddle. His dad,
however, was the MC who spun the jokes between
contestants. Some attended just for the humor! The
grandkids came but only one of the cousins ever entered
the contest. The town comes alive with the arrival of a
sudden flood of people. Fiddlers get together for
impromptu jazz sessions; vendors fill the park spilling over
into a blocked off street selling everything from Bling, to
hamburgers, to fast freeze liquid nitrogen ice cream.
Mmm, that was good! One booth dedicated to Medicare
was strangely ignored. Saturday evening found us wandering
through the park as we listened to live Blue Grass. People
brought chairs and blankets, kids and dogs. The weather
was perfect this year and there were lots of opportunities for
family fun. It is a wholesome week of entertainment in a
small Idaho community. Some things don't change much,
which is a nice change!

Thankfulness Corner:
Breeze gently cooling my cheek on a warm sunny day.

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