Saturday, June 14, 2014

God Came

Mary, my friend, woke up Wednesday to a not so
normal day. The suitcase was packed. A friend
arrived and looked at her pill box and found a pill
that did not belong which more than doubled the
amount of heart medicine. Anne went ballistic!
Soon a couple arrived to pick up Mary and take
her to a pre-arranged five day visit at Assisted Living.
They ran errands, had lunch, got her settled in her
room, took her out to dinner. Thursday morning I
got a call from a distraught, angry, fear filled Mary.
Her version: She was the victim of a plot to coerce
her into something she had not agreed to all because
of an extra pill! The next few days were awful as
Mary slipped into confusion and paranoia. Mary felt
trapped, unsafe, alone. I was frustrated because she
was supposed to feel loved, grateful, and safe.

Then God came.

A phone call this morning:

"Jane, I'm all right," said a calm familiar voice. "I realize
I need to lean on God and embrace what He is doing in
my life. I should have moved much sooner."

Mary knows that her mind is failing, but today she
decided to own it and embrace it as a gift from God.
Tomorrow may bring confusion, but today Mary walks

Dearest reader, what is God asking you to embrace?

Thankfulness Corner:
Wind in the tops of the trees, but not on me

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