Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Only One Week

As I listened to the excitement in Mary's voice,
and as I heard her laugh, I knew that the crises
was over. It has only been a week of extreme
distress. Mary was not in her room when I called
because she was attending a Bible Study!
Yesterday her friends helped her clear up the
medication issue, took her out to lunch and
agreed that this was the best next step. We talked
about her new apartment, the furniture she was
planning to bring over. She chattered about the
volley ball game--she did great--, the book club
she wants to join, the pleasant couple at the dinner

For the past few months Mary has had some
health challenges that have kept her close to home
and isolated. These issues have cleared up. Mary
is by nature an outgoing, physically active person.
This is a perfect fit--and, I have the old Mary back.

Hooray for friends who care for this woman!
Hooray for a husband who left her financially solvent!
Hooray for a God who tenderly cares for the weak!

"He directs our steps, our going out and our coming in."

Thankfulness Corner:
Down into the forties last night, heat--on briefly

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