Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Ways

"You are acquainted with all my ways."
(Psalm 139:3-b)

Reader I would love to skip this part of the verse
and skate into verse four. You see, Psalm 139 is
quite personal. I invite you to meditate through it
with me. Please, if you get an insight, don't hesitate
to comment, to share it with me and with others.
Meditating in scripture with others is really a fun
way to study God's Word!
(You will find the comment box below.)

"God is acquainted with all my ways."

He knows that I have a tendency toward haste.
I make quick decisions and sometimes these
decisions make life harder. Last fall we moved
rather quickly. Yes, we prayed about the timing,
where to go, but not how to go. I purchased the
tickets to fly out to Boise when a bad event was
dumping tons of snow across our trip path--and,
I didn't want to lose money on the tickets.
Consequently, it was hard on us, the movers--
personal friends--, and the dog. If we had taken
six or seven days, visiting friends on the journey,
instead of twelve hours, the intensity of the move
would have lessoned.
Then again--maybe not!

"God has made all things beautiful in its time."
So, dear reader, take courage. You cannot mess
up, even when you mess up!

Thankfulness Corner:
Robin is singing as I write

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