Friday, May 30, 2014

Winnowing on the Journey

Well we are now in the third verse of Psalm 139.
(There is more here than meets the eye!)

"You scrutinize my path and
     my lying down
And are intimately acquainted with
     all my ways."

Well, I looked up the word "scrutinize" and it
is defined "to winnow." The word path means,
"my journeyings." (stay with me!) So, it could read,
"You winnow my journeyings."

When wheat is winnowed the husks blow away
and the kernels of wheat fall to the ground. The
wheat is then gathered up and one of two things
happens to the kernels before it can be multiplied.
It is either planted back into the ground or crushed
to make bread. In both cases the wheat has to die.

"Papa, let me get this straight. This verse seems
to say that as I go about my daily life, You are
in the process of getting rid of the chaff after which
I am either buried or crushed so others can receive
life? I don't like the process. It has been a hard
journey for me. However, it does put suffering
into a better perspective. The petty things that
harass, such as the inconvenient phone calls,
the car not starting, the missing house key--those
are the things that winnow..." All of this is easy
to say but not easy to live--with joy!

Thankfulness Corner:
Pools of water reflect the sky

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