Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Searching for Treasure

Ann VosCamp was barely able to get up mornings.
Her world had fallen apart at the tender age of four
when her little sister was hit and killed by a truck.
Every unexplained tragedy onwards left her twisted,
angry, depressed. One night Ann had a dream, a
vivid dream, of dying. She awoke heart pounding in
a pool of sweat. Amazed at her reaction to death,
Ann discovered she wanted to live, not die! This
dream, her journey, her search for living treasure
brought her to a single greek word: Eucharisteo.

Dear reader, this story, has become a springboard
for me. Each day I search out God's gifts to me, so
easily missed before. Hidden treasures of hope, joy,
encouragement, desire fulfilled. I want to live,
really live, until the moment I close my eyes for
the last time.

Have you read one thousand gifts yet? You
will be glad you did!

Thankfulness Corner:
Fresh, cool morning air through open window.

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