Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Brave Comradeship of God

Then He took unto Him the twelve
Luke 18:31

The bravery of God in trusting us! You say--'But He
has been unwise to choose me, because there is noth-
ing in me; I am not of value.' That is why He chose
you. As long as you think there is something in you,
He cannot choose you because you have ends of your
own to serve; but if you have let Him bring you to
the end of your self-sufficiency then He can choose
you to go with Him to Jerusalem, and that will mean
the fulfillment of purposes which He does not dis-
cuss with you.  Oswald Chambers

Reader, it is so very easy to fall into feeling that, either
God needs you very much, or God needs you not at all!
However, knowing that there is nothing in me but self,
does indeed free me from expecting myself to perform.
It is Christ in me that it is hope of glory!

PS My computer took an unexpected bath and needed
four days of rice bedrest. It appears to be working fine.
Unbelievable! Thank you, Father.

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Unknown said...

These thoughts were helpful today, and reinforced what I was learning from Scripture reading this morning!!