Tuesday, September 26, 2017

God's Compelling Purpose

He...said to them, "Behold, we 
are going to Jerusalem..." 
Luke 18:31

Seeking to do "the will of the Father" was the one domin-
ating concern throughout our Lord's life. And Whatever He 
encountered along the way, whether joy or sorrow, success 
or failure, He was never deterred from that purpose. 
Oswald Chambers

Reader, we in the west have a skewed understanding of God's
will. We are so used to entertainment, free time, full bellies,
uninterrupted sleep, that anything to the contrary cannot pos-
sibly be God's will. The Christians in China have to take
Prison Theology 101 as part of their journey. We heard one
testimony recently where a man spent two months in prison
and in that time all 5,000 prisoners heard the Gospel. He did
this by singing during exercise time and was joined by his sec-
tion. The music carried to the next section where the song was
learned and also sung and so it went. The guards were not able
to silence him completely. At the end of the
Cultural Revolution it was estimated that there were 800,000
Christians in China. Now there are one hundred million. Not
only that but since the Tianamen Square incident where thou-
sands of protesting students were killed, the college students
are coming to Christ in droves. They realize that there is no
hope in changing the political system, that there must be
something more, something outside of themselves to die for.  

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