Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Storehouses

Have you entered the storehouses...which I reserve for
times of trouble?  Job 38:22-23

Our trials are great opportunities, but all too often we
simply see them as large obstacles. If only we would
recognize every difficult situation as something God has 
chosen to prove His love to us, each obstacle would then
become a place of sheltering rest, and a demonstration
to others of His inexpressible power. If we would look
for the signs of His glorious handiwork, then every 
cloud would indeed become rainbow, and every difficult
mountain path would become one of ascension, transfor-
mation, and glorification. 

If we would look at our past, most of us would realize
that the times we endured the greatest stress and felt that 
every path was blocked were the very times our heavenly 
Father chose to do the kindest things for us and bestow 
His richest blessings.

God's most beautiful jewels are often delivered in rough
packages by very difficult people, but within the package
we will find the very treasures of the King's palace and 
the Bridegroom's love. A B Simpson

Reader, everything I pick up these days from those who
lived, worked, suffered long ago, have almost the same
message. We are all living in very trying times and just
going to church once a week, and saying a quick prayer,
is not cutting it...

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