Tuesday, October 31, 2017

God Maintains Your Surrender

People say, "I have tried but it seems to fade away and
after a time, is gone. Ah, it is because you do not believe
that when God has begun the work of absolute surrender,
then God holds Himself bound to care for it and will
keep it. Think of it this way. In surrender there are two
parties, God and you, a worm. God the everlasting and
omnipotent Jehovah. Worm, will you be afraid to trust
yourself to this mighty God now? God is willing. Do
you not believe that HE can keep you continually, day
by day, moment by moment?

Moment by moment I'm kept in His love;
Moment by moment I've life from above.

If God allows the sun to shine upon you moment by
moment without intermission, will not God let His
life shine through you every moment? And why have
you not experienced it? Because you have not trusted
God for it, and you do not surrender yourself abso-
lutely to God in that trust.

A life of absolute surrender has its difficulties. I do not
deny that. Yes, it has something far more than difficul-
ties: it is a life that with men is impossible. But by the
grace of God, by the power of God, by the power of the
Holy Spirit dwelling in us, it is a life to which we are
destined, and a life that is possible for us, praise God!
Let us believe that God will maintain it.

Such a life has two sides--on the one side, absolute 
surrender to work what God wants you to do; on the
other side, to let God work what He wants to do. 
Andrew Murray in Absolute Surrender

Reader, I am walking this with you. There is much in
my life right now that seems to make 'absolute surrender'
impossible! But I recognize that all these things piling
up brings me to this point: 'let go, and let God.'

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