Monday, October 30, 2017

God Accepts Your Surrender

God works it in the secret of our heart, God urges us by
the hidden power of His Holy Spirit to come and speak
it out, and we have to bring and to yield to Him that ab-
solute surrender. But, it may, as far as your feelings go,
be a thing of great imperfection, and you may doubt and
hesitate. Perhaps you are wondering, "Is it absolute?"

Have you never learned the lesson that the Holy Ghost
works with mighty power, while on the human side every-
thing looks feeble? Think of Jesus in the Garden. We 
read that He, "through the eternal Spirit," offered Him-
self a sacrifice unto God. The Almighty Spirit of God 
was enabling Him to do it. And yet what agony and fear 
and exceeding sorrow came over Him, and how He 
prayed! And even so, while you are feeble and fighting 
and trembling, in faith in the hidden work of God's Spirit 
do not fear, but continue to yield yourself to Him. Let it 
be in the faith of God that does now accept it. So often 
this point is missed, that believers should be thus occu-
pied with God in this matter of surrender. I pray that you 
be occupied with God. You can say to Him:

"O God, I have accepted Thy terms of absolute surrender"
While your heart says that in deep silence, remember
there is a God present who takes note of it, and writes it
down in His book, and there is a God present who at
that very moment fills you. You may not feel it, you may
not realize it, but God takes you at your word.

God not only claims it, and works it, and accepts it when
I bring it but, GOD MAINTAINS IT. Andrew Murray

Reader, absolute surrender is the doorway to intimacy with
your precious Savior. In these perilous days while we wait
for His coming, we need to be able to hear from God and
then trust Him for the doing. He is our great keeping God!
He is faithful!

Below are two pieces sung by Steve Green. Steve was
launched by Bill Gaither many years ago and many of you
have not heard of him. What impresses me is that he was
only 20 when he began to sing in public, and His heart
still belongs to His God!

Enter In  This is to die for

The beauty of the bride. I have posted this before but
I love the reminder that our Cosmic Groom is coming
for His bride. I don't like the pictures chosen for the
most part, and it takes away my own imagination as
the song is sung.

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