Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I Was Afraid

Offer yourselves to God, as those who have been brought
forth from death to life. Romans 6:13

One night I went to hear a sermon on consecration. 
Nothing special came to me from the message, but as
the preacher knelt to pray, he said, 'O Lord, You know
we can trust the Man who died for us.' That was my
message. As I rose from my knees and walked down
the street to catch the train, I deeply pondered all that
consecration would mean to my life. I was afraid as
I considered the personal cost, and suddenly above the 
noise of the street traffic, came this message: 'You can
trust the Man who died for you.' I boarded the train,
and asI traveled toward home, I thought of the chan-
ges, sacrifices, and disappointments that consecration 
might mean in my life--and I was still afraid.

Upon arriving home, I went straight to my room, fell
on my knees, and saw my life pass before my eyes. I
was a Christian, an officer in the church, and a Sunday
School superintendent, but I had never yielded my life
to God with a definite act of my will. Yet as I thought
of my own 'precious' plans that might be thwarted, my
beloved hopes to be surrendered, and my chosen pro-
session that I might have abandon--I was afraid.

I completely failed to see the better things God had 
for me, so my soul was running from Him. And then 
for the last time, with a swift force of convicting power 
to my inmost heart, came that searching message; 'My 
child, you can trust the Man who died for you. If you
cannot trust Him, then whom can you trust?' Finally
that settled it for me, for in a flash of light I realized
that the Man who loved me enough to die for me could 
be absolutely trusted with the total concerns the life 
He had saved.

Dear friend, you can trust the Man who died for you.
You can trust Him to thwart each plan that should be
stopped and to complete each one that results in His
greatest glory and your highest good. You can trust 
Him to lead you down the path that is the very best in 
the world for you.  JHM

Reader, how many of you are afraid to find out what
God's will is for you, just like this writer? It is often a
very difficult place and fear often makes it difficult to
hear Him. I pray for you today that you will be able
'to trust the Man who died for you.'

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