Monday, October 16, 2017


It can be a wilderness, it can be a pathway to God.
Elisabeth Elliot

I am looking at loneliness today because I believe
that we are the loneliest generation due to two things:
Technology and business. I recently read a book on
loneliness by Elisabeth Elliot. I want to share it.

Elisabeth Elliot was the wife of Jim Elliot who was
murdered by the Aucca Indians in January 1956.
Elisabeth had waited five years before Jim realized
he had not been given the 'gift' of singleness! They
were only married 27 months before his death which
also left behind a 10 month old daughter.

Here are some of her pithy comments on loneliness:

'Loneliness is a kind of death. The loneliness of widow
hood was an exit from the comforts and consolations
of having a husband, and an entrance into the strange
world of having to make unilateral decisions again.'

'One of the surprises in store for most brides and 
grooms is that they are still lonely. Marriage teaches 
us that even the most intimate human companionship 
cannot satisfy the deepest places the heart. Our hearts 
are lonely till they are resting in Him who made us for 

'Loneliness comes over us sometimes as a sudden tide.
It is one of the terms of our humanness, and, in a sense,
therefore, incurable. Yet, I have found peace in my lone-
liest times not through acceptance of the situation, but
through making it an offering to God, who can trans-
form it into something for the good of others.'

'Loneliness is a gift that we can offer back to God.'

Reader, most of you will not remember the slaughter of
five men who desired to enter a tribe in Equador in order
to share the Gospel, but it was huge news in 1956. As
a result, many young men and women prepared to go in-
to unreached places with the Good News of Eternal Life.
Elisabeth continued to work in that area and had the
privilege of going into that tribe with her five year old
daughter. Amazing love!

I was able to purchase, Loneliness, by Elisabeth Elliot
from Amazon for under $3. She was married three times
and was widowed twice. Here is her biography.

I would also recommend a movie, End of the Spear, that
was made about Steve Saint who spent much time with
those who killed his dad and discovered why they were
killed. I was not able to stream it but it is available as a

The love of Christ can conquer that which man cannot
even imagine!

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