Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Rolling Glove

The wind was blowing as I stepped out of the house
with Jake. Soon I was juggling dog, sucking mud,
and the last bites of a snack before climbing up to the
road. We were on our way back home before I
discovered the missing glove, to a favorite pair of
gloves. We backtracked the whole walk, and then
backtracked again. Suddenly I noticed a bit of brown
something rolling towards me in the ditch. It was
tumbling fast and I watched fascinated as the object
drew near. It was my glove!  Wow! God blew that
glove to my feet. Yes He did! But if I wasn't paying
attention to the possibility that God wants to bless me,
I would have missed His part all together. That glove
will now become a reminder that God is crazy about
me and that He loves to show off!

Thankfulness Corner:
Melting snow; sucking mud


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