Monday, February 10, 2014


King Nebuchadnezzar commanded his chief
eunuch to bring to him young men, of nobility, who
were without physical abnormalities, handsome,
brilliant of mind, who had great wisdom, knowledge,
and understanding. Twenty year old Daniel, of the
tribe of Judah and its royal line, had the qualities the
king was looking for.

Daniel and his three friends were chosen to live in
the palace which meant they became eunuchs. Daniel
had his whole life before him and he knew there was
small chance he would ever return to his beloved city
of Jerusalem, no chance he would ever marry. If I had
been Daniel with my whole life shattered and lying at
my feet, I would have hidden in a hole to keep out of
sight of this King who lived up to his terrible reputation.
But Daniel was not just chosen by this earthly king, he
was chosen by a Heavenly King--for a purpose. This
young man did not begin to cultivate a relationship with
God when the crises came, he arrived in Babylon with
his spiritual house in order.

Dear reader, you are precious to me for you are the
wonderful incentive I need to dig deeply, and, in so
doing, I learn so very much!

Thankfulness Corner:
For the giver of my gorgeous Amaryllis blooming
double and triple blossoms.


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