Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Bathtub

Now that we are fairly settled, I have been pondering
why I, who did not grow up in Weiser, have been more
interested in moving to Weiser, than my spouse who
grew up here. I left home at age 24 and began moving.
Eight moves in four years the last of which brought me
to New York City. I married a medical student who
took me to St Louis for internship and residency, the
birth of both children, six years in all. Then Glen moved
us to Mississippi and the Air Force where we began to
move every two to three years. Most summers we spent
two weeks over July 4th in Weiser with extended family.

The other day I was looking at the bathtub. The bathtub?
I bathed my children here years ago, and now my
daughter bathes her son in that very same bathtub. As I
stood looking down I realized that this lowly tub is a
touchstone of many happy memories. Home is made up
of experiences, shared experiences in a family circle.
These two week segments add up to more than one would
think. Truly, the sum is greater than all the parts!

Thankfulness Corner:
A wonderful mother-in-law who loves me like a daughter

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