Thursday, February 13, 2014

Identity Switch

In Daniel 1:3, King Nebuchadnezzar commanded his Chief
eunuch, Ashpenaz, to bring him all the people from the
royal family who were of nobility. What was the plan? The
king wanted them to become Babylonians. He ordered
that they be immersed in the language and the literature
which probably included a good dose of astrology and the
occult. At some point in the process at least four of the group
were given new names. They went from a name connection
with the one true God, to a name connection with the
Babylonian gods, Bel, Aku, and Nego. New name, new
culture, a sex change. How could they maintain their real
identity in such a sea of slime? You know I read about
individuals, especially in the Old Testament, and I forget
that they were just as human as I am. Daniel was not

Dear reader, it is easy for us to become immersed into the
surrounding culture. Everyday we are bombarded by
messages of what we need in order to be happy--as if that
is the end all, be all--and what we should do to stay young
and beautiful. Our real worth, that we are the image bearers
of the living God, is never mentioned. The world out there
renames us and gives us a new identity. Frances Schaeffer
once asked the question, "How shall we then live?"
Perhaps we shall find answers to this question as we dig
into the book of Daniel.

Thankfulness Corner:
A beloved dog curled up at my feet

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