Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Compassionate God

Well, the king of Babylon gave Daniel some slack
by giving him a little time before taking his head.
Daniel went to his house to gather his friends for a
night of prayer. They wanted God to show His
compassion by revealing the mystery to them that
they might live. Compassion? I would have asked
for deliverance, wisdom, power, understanding,
revelation, but compassion? What a wonderful
faithfilled request to the One they knew intimately as
the God of compassion. God heard the cry of their
hearts and gave both the dream and the interpretation
to Daniel. God and the heavenly host rejoiced that
day as these four men trusted in a good God.

Ah, dear reader, that is where I get stuck. When
things go badly I am running scared and I forget
that God is both compassionate and good.

Thankfulness Corner:
Snow sprinkled tops of mountains


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