Monday, February 3, 2014


God Himself has put us into Christ and made
Christ our wisdom: righteousness,
sanctification, and redemption. Of all the gifts
He gives us, none is greater than His Son.
Christ is the gift; Christ is also all the other gifts.
We cannot earn our Christian walk. We have
to learn: to know Christ as our wisdom: Christ
as our righteousness, Christ as our sanctification,
Christ as our redemption.

The bottom line? All we have is just Christ!

My prayer today: That God would give me a
spirit of wisdom and revelation that I may
know Him. Pray this when you get up, drive
to work, sit down at a meal. Pray it for your
family, friends and pastor. Such a simple
prayer. A prayer that will change you--
and your world.

Thankful corner:
A sunrise and a sunset--on the same day!
(After weeks of fog and cloudy days.)


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