Friday, February 7, 2014

A Snowy Trip

Last night 11 of us bundled ourselves into the church van
and headed 75 miles to Boise and a meeting where
Dave Ramsey was speaking about Financial Peace. There
was the promise of snow, but not until late evening. After
an informative and entertaining program we headed out
of the parking lot for home. It was 10:30PM. The roads
were clear and we were soon out of the city and into--
heavy snow...on the highway... far from home. It was not
a white out but visibility was greatly reduced. As time
passed and the visibility lessoned and the snow deepened,
things got quiet. It was white knuckle time for the driver;
he needed prayer. Unlike the North East where an inch of
snow is a call for the plows, we never saw a plow. We got
off the highway early to deliver some to waiting cars, and
it was eerie to watch the snow fall on untraveled roads. I
began thinking about the dog. "If we got stuck, who would
take care of him?" Then, "What if we rolled and I was really
hurt? How long before help would get there?" The
temperature had dropped into the low teens. Well, we finally
pulled into the church parking lot. The drive home was not bad--
it has stopped snowing by this time. We were home by 12:30
none the worse for wear and extremely grateful to God for
the eleven angels riding with us!

You know, it  is not just financial peace that is needed in our
lives, it is just plain peace. God's peace.

Have wonderful weekend, for God has made all our days...

Thankfulness Corner:
 Sunlight resting on a snowy mountain peak.

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carolp said...

I am thankful for my friend Jane. God gave her to me, I believe, to improve my physical health and well being. Thanks to her advice and support, I am doing very well these days :)
I hope that I have also been a blessing to her, as well. As God gives us more time on this earth; I look forward to many more happy times shared together :)
The Lord is so good to show me areas that I need to trust Him more. I am so happy, too, that He is teaching me more about Himself and who I am with Him. Praise God!