Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Snapshot

Last Saturday evening several hundred people
gathered to support an organization called,
Love Inc, which stands for:
"Love in the Name of Christ." The event was held
in a public building owned by the city. Restaurants
provided the food, a photographer snapped individual
pictures, and the teens waited table. A short video gave
us an overview of what 17 churches can accomplish
when working together to reach out to the needy--like
the family who recently lost their house to fire. Each
church takes on one major thing such as furniture,
school bags and contents, coats, rehab classes, food
bank, jobs. The main office is in a rental property that
is rent free! Someone was generous.
Don't you love it?

The Senior Center in town does not take government
money and so they are free to pray in Jesus' Name,
and to Pledge Allegiance to the flag before lunch five
days a week The center has a chef! One Saturday a
month the place is packed for a fundraiser called--

Weiser is known as one of the friendliest towns in
Treasure Valley. (Hmm, treasure valley, what a neat
name!) So, here is a snapshot of a place I call home...

Thankfulness Corner:
long walks with Jake

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