Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Blank Day

I woke up this morning with nothing on my
calendar. I grew up in a family whose motto
was, "Busyness is next to Godliness!" Exercise
was a close second. AND, It is not "politically
correct" to have a blank slate.

Now, if my calendar had been full I would not
have been able to meet a friend for lunch on
short notice, make some needed phone calls,
care for a sick husband, or begin work on
future blogs--not to mention cleaning and
filling the hummingbird feeder! Also the dog
got his walk so the exercise part was filled!

The first thing I did when I rolled over to look
at the clock this morning, was to give the hours
of this day to my Papa to fill as He saw fit. Whether
it is a day filled with appointments and other
pulls of life, every day is a God ordained day when
He has permission to set the schedule--even when
He does NOT have permission. Now if I can only
remember this!

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