Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Three Planets

The end of last week I read that three planets would
be visible just after sunset. It seems that Venus, Jupitor,
and Mercury would be aligned almost within "spitting
distance" of each other and worth seeing. We watched
on Saturday but saw nothing. On Sunday the sky was true
blue--unusual in the east-- and it was the best day to view
the planets so we set out on a walk to find some place
where we were not surrounded by trees. It was getting
dark as we returned home and my heart's desire was still
unmet. Suddenly Glen said, "it looks like a star through
those trees." We walked around the lake and stood opposite
the back of our house and studied the sky. Yes, that was the
planet Venus. As we watched another light flickered on,
Jupitor. Finally Mercury could be seen. God brought
me home to see His handiwork in my own backyard.
How sweet is that?

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