Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unlike Any Other God

In Paul's day physical resurrection from the dead was
unknown. Oh, they had many gods but not one of
them had come back from the dead. The early church
had discussions over this aspect of Christianity. "Did
He, or didn't He?" So, in the early part of the 15th chapter
of 1Corinthians, Paul takes the time to list those to whom
Jesus appeared alive:

"He appeared to Cephas
He appeared to the twelve
He appeared to more than 500, most of whom
are alive today."
Then he appeared to blood thirsty Paul!

Many of us have grown up believing in the resurrection
but in Paul's day it was radical, outrageous, unthinkable!
Well, there are those who don't believe it now. Does it
really make a difference to me personally, to you?

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