Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dysfunctional Christians

Last week I looked at the seed falling into the ground--
a place of death, followed by resurrection. The seed
has taken me to 1Corinthians 15, a favorite of mine.
I hear trumpets every time I read it because Paul goes
from the seed, to resurrection and then to transformation.
Our resurrection and transformation!

I find it interesting that Paul wrote both the "love"
chapter (I Corinthians 13) and the "resurrection" chapter
to his most dysfunctional church. It is an encouragement
to me as I look at all of the dysfunctional Christians around
me. My friends and family would  categorize me in that
group! However, I know that all of us are favorites with
Papa. He is captivated by our beauty, by our individuality
and by our love for Him.

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