Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Extravagance vrs Frugality

The resurrection has to come under the title of
"extravagant," don't you think? Doesn't the thought
of becoming something so glorious fill you with
delight and rejoicing?

To Rejoice--JOY! joy-filled. The primary sense is
to shout, be animated, get excited. It is to experience
joy and gladness to high degree. To exult.

Laughter--convulsive merriment, volcanic, an expression
of mirth.

Prodigal--Given to extravagance, wasteful, lavish,
excessive liberality as opposed to frugality, economy or
parsimony. (Meaning excessive caution especiallyin the
spending of money.)

I found something yesterday that has filled me with joy,
but I cannot share it all at once, because some of my readers
like short, crisp blogs! So, be sure to check in.

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