Monday, May 27, 2013

Malcom Smith

I would like to introduce you to a man I have heard but
never met. His website, "unconditional love Fellowship"
is full of life giving information. I consider Malcolm Smith
one of my mentors. He KNOWS the Father's heart, and he
knows scripture. I once heard him give four long sermons
around ONE VERSE! I didn't think it possible. I find myself
incorporating thoughts into my blogs that have been generated
from God's heart through Malcolm.  A few weeks ago I was
having a bad day and realized that it would be a good idea
to turn to the Lord. So I scrolled down the list of sermon titles
in Malcolm's webnar until I came to one that sparked my interest.
It was called "The Laugh of God." It was out of this sermon
that the last four blogs came to life. On Tuesday evening at
8PM he gives live webnars. Be sure and take notes!

Malcolm Smith's website:

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