Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, this past Saturday I met with 30 women who had
trained with me at Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing
in the class of 1963. Do the math and you will find that it
was our 50th reunion! The school was a three year diploma
program that had hardly changed since the school opened
75 years earlier! The entire cost of our three years was $300.
Why? Because the students carried the load at the hospital.
I could go on but I feel a story springing up...

Did you know that all of us do change over 50 years? As we
came close to fellow classmates our eyes would meet, then
came the sweep followed by the blank stare as we tried to
put the face with someone we had known. Name tags helped,
sort of. As the afternoon progressed we felt more comfortable
because voices and mannerisms varied only slightly. In a very
short time conversation was punctuated by gales of laughter.
I got up the nerve to ask one gray headed "older" woman if
she had recognized me. She paused and said, "no."

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