Monday, June 3, 2013

The Hummingbird

Each spring I fill the Hummingbird feeder and wait
in eager expectation for some activity. Last year only
one female came to sip. This year on the very first
day a gorgeous male showed up and came hourly
to get his fill of the nectar supplied. When I took it
down for cleaning, he was all over the empty space.
I could hear him say, "Where did it go? Who took it?"
Well, on Saturday I heard a gentle tap on the glass
door at the back of the house. I looked around to
see the reason and noticed a colorful leaf lying on
our deck. It was not a leaf but my beautiful
Hummingbird lying there still and helpless. I felt
helpless. I prayed that God would touch the little guy
who had become such a great delight to me. A feather
moved, yes, and then another slight movement. He
looked around and finally sat upright. I could study
the brilliant red feathered throat  I cheered him on.
He sat there for some time looking around and as a
black bird flew over, my Hummer suddenly took off.
He has not returned. My guess is that his beak was
damaged, or maybe the brain he needs to find food
was not working. You will find a picture of him on
Face Book.

It is not just that a very special bird has perished
because he saw a reflection of the garden in the glass
of our door, but a few days ago I saw duck feet flapping
above the water. No sound was made. The Mallard
slowly disappeared under the water pulled down by
one of our Snapping Turtles. All of our ducks have
been taken out this spring, including the ducklings.
You will have to forgive me for feeling a little sad
today. It was a hard week.

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