Monday, June 10, 2013

The Road to Laughter

In chapter 12 of Genesis, God calls Abraham out
and tells him to leave his father's house and go to
a land that God will show him. God promises to make
Abraham a great nation. Abraham is 75 years old
when he packs up and leaves. His wife is no spring
chicken either! They are childless. The couple have
many adventures over the next 25 years, not the
least of which is the birth of a son to Abraham, and
Sarah's Egyptian maid, Hagar. This took some
manipulation on Sarah's part to make this happen.
No one is laughing; not Hagar, not Abraham, and
certainly not Sarah! By now Abraham is 86. God is
silent. How can this possibly be the road to laughter?

Dear reader, do you have promises tied into unanswered
prayers? Answers that will fill you with unrestrained
laughter? Well, this tale is not finished yet, and either
is yours.

PS Don't try to work things out yourself!

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