Sunday, June 23, 2013

Psalm 34

Psalm 34 is a psalm with a beat. It is called an
acrostic poem because each verse begins with a
successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Was
David brilliant or what?

Some background as to how David came to
write the psalm is helpful. King Saul determined
that David had to die so David fled to King Ashish
in Gath. When the king learned that this man had
killed "tens of thousands" of Philistines, not to
mention Goliath, David's life was again put in jeopardy.
David's emotions dropped to the level of pure terror and
he feigned mental illness. The king drove him out.
(I Samuel 21:10-15)

What a close call! David was called by God to
become the king, but the journey was not one
that David had envisioned. Most of his psalms
come out of real life stories which is one reason
we love them so much!

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