Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Big Sigh of Relief

I just got word that a dear friend of mine who has
a house in Black Forest in Colorado Springs, did
not lose her home. They were one of the first who had
to evacuate. I remember visiting Ellen, a friend back in
the 80's who then lived in the Black Forest development.
We sat in the hot tub in her back yard and watched the
stars come out through the branches of the trees. It was so
beautiful! That house is gone.

Sandi shared with me how difficult the past few days
have been but how she was able to walk in the peace
of God through the prayers of friends. Knowing that
her house might be gone gave her the opportunity to
think about the hope she had in her Savior, and that
she has a home in His Kingdom. Life is uncertain but
God is our refuge, a place of rest and a sigh of relief!

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