Friday, June 7, 2013

The Laughing, Leaping, Leper!

The Scene unfolds:

The leper kneels before Jesus and asks to be healed.
Jesus kneels down and speaks as He unwraps his face
and neck while looking into his eyes. The leper looks
at his hands, at Jesus, and back to his hands. He shouts.
He leeps up laughing and dancing for joy. I can see  him
looking back at the still kneeling Jesus. He tackles Him
and both laugh while rolling in the dust. The crowd laughs.
Heaven bends down to listen. What a celebration!

The compassionate heart of Jesus flows out to the man
through touch, but in keeping with the law, Jesus sends
the cleansed, healed man to the priest so that the man can
re-enter the community as a whole person.

What a Savior!

You will find the story in Matthew 8:1-4. It will not look
like the story above, but I know that people did not just
stand around.

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