Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stress in the Life of a Toddler

(I am babysitting said Toddler as I write this.)

Yesterday I asked, “What do you do with a twenty month old, anyway?”

Just imagine a six hour journey with a Toddler who is belted into a car seat, 
that does not come with a toy chest, a drink bar, or a reclining seat--let alone 
a McDonalds play aea! We propped up the diaper bag with toys and a 
sippy cup and off we went. The trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas is pretty barren 
and there are few places to stop. We made two stops, one of which had a 
playground for tots, and then came the end of the journey taking us  into 
the western sun, rush hour traffic, and increasing noise from the back seat. 
A thought ran through the mother’s mind. PRAY. And so we did. We prayed 
that God would send an angel to babysit. Noah was quiet for the next 45 minutes. 
Blissfully quiet!

Thank you, Papa, that you love Moms, Grandmom’s but especially toddlers. 
How is it that an angel would spend time entertaining a Toddler!

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