Monday, October 15, 2012


Saturday was cool with bright, warm sunlight. And so, 3PM found me 
outside sitting in the warmth and thanking God for another gorgeous day.
Suddenly something flew in front of me and landed on the edge of the table. 
I watched this gray winged creature as it flapped its wings again and again, 
and color appeared. I was mesmerized as colors of bronze, orange, black and 
white flowed into its wings. It must have just emerged from its cocoon. The 
moth/butterfly finished its activities and then flew into the butterfly bush to enjoy
a meal as it moved from flower to flower. The bush had only seven blossoms left.
When it had sucked up all it wanted it flew away. The entire “show” lasted only 
a quarter of an hour. I had not anticipated seeing another such creature, nor 
did I expect to see any life except for the Sparrows which seem to keep me 
company these days. However, my Papa God showed up and showed off!


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