Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Back to the book of Colossians!

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed, 
you were called in one body.” Col. 3:15


I am to let, allow, permit His peace to rule me.

Peace is a greek word meaning “to join.” Also, “quietness, rest, to set at 
one again.”

In Isaiah 26:3 I find one of my favorite verses: “Thou wilt keep him in 
PERFECT PEACE whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusts
in Thee.”

Malcolm Smith did five sermons on this one verse! There is no way I can 
unpack it in a little blog. However, the scripture puts the two words together:

“perfect peace, means “to be well, happy, healthy, prosperous, to rest safely,
 to be safe in mind and body, full, content, complete.

Jesus purchased THIS peace on the cross, then He came into me at 
the momen tof salvation, so I have all I need to both be at peace and 
to extend peace to  others. How wonderful to know that I don’t have 
to work up any of the fruits of the Spirit of which this is one. On Sunday 
Pastor Bob showed us a pear that was picked from a tree and a pear 
made of glass. It took effort to form the latter, but the former simply grew 
out from the branch. To be attached to the Vine is to walk out of the life 
of that Vine.

Dear Reader, I do not know if you need to go back to the basics as often 
as I do, but, my flesh is not programed to produce peace.

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