Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Celebration!

It is Thursday morning and I am packing to leave on Friday for a wedding on 
Saturday. However, my clothes are laid out for a celebration this afternoon.

Several years ago a gal named Erin was suddenly asked to leave 
the house by her husband of six years and she left, without furniture 
or her beloved dog. The pain was unimaginable as she found herself 
living with one person after another, even living in her car at times over 
the next six months. I met Erin early in this process and saw how God 
provided for her in the midst of the storm. During that time she believed 
God for the restoration of her marriage. Then came the divorce, and more 
pain. However, I could see what a deep thing God was doing in the heart 
of lovely Erin. 

Clint is a precious man of God who lost his wife after a four year struggle 
with Cancer. He and his wife had five children--all girls. God brought these 
two hurting people together and Clint began to court Erin. She has a heart 
for teenage girls and has ministered to struggling teens for many years. 
Several months ago Clint slipped a ring on Erin’s finger as he asked her 
to marry him. She said “yes” while trusting God to help her to be the kind 
of Mom these girls needed. 

What a faithful, gracious God we have!

“Clint and Erin, I am so in awe of what God has done for the two of you and 
for those five beautiful girls. I can’t wait to be there when Pastor Bob 
pronounces you, “husband and wife.”  See you very soon. I love you!”

See Pastor Bob’s story on my website!

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