Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Butterfly

It is almost mid-October. The Humming Birds have been gone for at least two weeks, 
for the nights are very chilly while the afternoons are still full of sunshine and warmth. 
Soon cold weather will arrive and the flowers will die in one night. Imagine my surprise 
to see a small butterfly feasting on the Butterfly bush in our backyard. Vibrant colors 
of orange and some black, unlike any I had seen before. The wings were perfect, 
an indicator that this beautiful creature had just emerged from its cocoon. I was entranced 
as this beauty went from flower to flower knowing that it probably would not survive the night. 
What impresses me even more is that God did not find it a waste for this butterfly to come forth 
to live only one afternoon. 

I have another take on life--it has to be long and fruitful to have significance and worth. 

Papa, thank you for the lesson of the butterfly. I so enjoyed your gift to me, for that is how 
I read it. You set it up knowing that I would come out to sit on the deck in the very few minutes 
the butterfly was feasting. Papa, this day has also been very special with its sunshine 
and clear blue sky as the autumn slowly descends on the trees tinged in gold. We got 
to see it because You gave us a dog who needs to walk and run everyday. 

Thank you for all the little things you do for me, for us, everyday. Give me eyes 
to see Your love poured out.

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