Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yesterday Morning at the Park

Yesterday morning I took Noah to the park down the street. There were some wonderful things 
to climb on, a a slide just his size, sand to dig into. What did he play with? His umbrella stroller, 
of course! I watched him as he reached up high to hold onto the handles, then steer it until it 
went into the sand or the grass. I watched him work to get the wheels unstuck from the sand 
by backing up. He knew how to lift the back wheels but not the front wheels. He learned that 
to steer with one hand only turned his toy in circles. He stopped when he came to an obstacle 
and turned the stroller away. It was only at the end of 30 minutes that he began to call out for
 help. He was tired and needed someone to help him navigate. 

What did I learn in that half hour? I learned that a toddler works hard as he plays. He is testing 
things out to see what works. He is able to handle frustration much better at the beginning 
than toward snack time. He knows when to call out for help. As I watch Noah I also see 
transparency. He is what he is at any given moment and he can go from laughing to crying 
in a split second. He reveals his emotions. He is a lover. He likes to please. He is surprisingly 
able to follow simple commands--does not always want to! But, with patience on the side 
of the adult, he can be distracted.

Evidently, these are characteristics that God loves for Jesus said, “Let the little children come 
to me and forbid them not, for, of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Papa God wants me to be me, 
because He loves me. He wants me to express my emotions and He wants me to ask for help. 
As I continue in this Christian life I realize that trying to live the Christian life through my own 
effort gets me stuck in the sand. When I was younger I “could play the game” longer before 
I got tired and gave up. More and more I am amazed at how little things come together that 
I had no idea were important until afterward. My Papa God is there even when I don’t know 
He is paying close attention, just as I paid close attention to Noah yesterday. He was oblivious 
of me--until he needed something.

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