Thursday, November 15, 2012


Continue steadfastly in prayer being watchful in it with thanksgiving.”
(Colossians 4:2)

Prayer. What a huge subject! I am reminded of many years ago when
I struggled with the verse: “Pray without ceasing.” I could not imagine
how this was possible. At one point I attended a church whose goal was
to transform the city so we fasted and prayed all night in order to make
this happen. I went on a prayer journey to some very spiritually dark 
countries. What were the outcomes of these initiatives? God knows, but
I don’t.

In the last few years prayer has become something so natural, like breathing.
Often I am not aware that I am talking to God or that He is talking to me. It
can also be specific, urgent and emotional. The “steadfastly” part of the verse
means to me that I don’t stop praying, even while waiting years to see results.

My Dear Papa, My morning was so perfect today. There was the quiet sense 
of your presence as I went from one thing to another. How wonderful to 
experience this kind of prayer on the day I would be writing about it!

I pray for my readers. May they discover how much you desire their friendship 
and how you lean into them to listen when they speak. 

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