Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Open Season

In Colossians 5:3,4 Paul says: At the same time, pray for us...”

What does he want them to pray for? Release from prison, a clean 
cell above ground, a hot shower, health? Does he pray that the
persecution of Christians will stop? No! He prays:

“that God may open to us a door, to declare the mystery of Christ,
on account of which I am in prison--that I may make it clear, which
is how I ought to speak.”

I have heard it said that there were more Christians killed for their
faith in the last century then all the previous centuries combined. 
There are an estimated 400,000 Christians in North Korea today,
of which 100,00 are in prison for their faith. It is also open season
on Christians in Iran where scores are coming to Christ every day.
China has killed numberless Believers.

Papa, I sit in the warmth of my study and I ponder Paul’s prayer for
You to open a door so that the mystery of Christ, the Gospel, would
continue to reach out to those who are imprisoned in the darkness
of despair. So, this is my prayer also. May you open doors for the 
message of the Gospel to be declared in all of the hidden places
across the earth, but especially in the prisons.

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