Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

When I was growing up, Thanksgiving was a very special holiday for me.
Bigger than christmas in SOME ways. I loved getting together with extended
family for a turkey feast. Then, adults worked in the kitchen while children
played. Now, most of those adults have died and our relatives, including our
children, are scattered across America.

Yesterday we invited a couple of people to join us for an early dinner. It was
a beautiful day. I so enjoyed getting the table ready for my guests. I carefully
set out my wedding china, my mother's wedding crystal, and my great grandmother's
silver. Memories flooded my mind as I worked, so many sweet memories.

Our guests came early and we laughed together as we prepared the food. There
was a discussion about the turkey. It had been baking far longer than the directions
suggested but the temperature was not moving past 160. Raw turkey was not acceptable.
During this time it was noted that the refrigerator was not working. (We hustled around
to find ice and moved the freezer items into a small freezer in the basement.) Turkey
with all the trimmings and no place to put the leftovers? It turns out that the
thermometer was broken and the bird was completely cooked through, the meat
absolutely delicious. A guest took the left overs home and today we discovered
that all we needed to do was reset the temperature. It was not the compressor after all!

After a sumptuous meal we pitched in and had the kitchen cleaned up in a record
15 minutes leaving us plenty of time to take the dog on a long walk in a wooded area.
After some light refreshments we played a rousing game of cards. Laughter flowed
like water. What a perfect day to give thanks.

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