Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is the Secret of Reckoning?

What is the secret of reckoning?
“It is revelation.” 
“We need to have our eyes opened to the fact of our union with Christ, 
and that is something more than knowing it as doctrine. Such revelation 
is no vague indefinite thing. Most of us can remember the day when we 
saw clearly that Christ died for us, and we ought to be equally clear as to 
the time when we saw that we died with Christ. It should be nothing hazy, 
but very definite, for it is with this as basis that we shall go on. It is not that 
I reckon myself to be dead, and therefore I will be dead. It is that, because 
I am dead--because I see now what God has done for me in Christ--therefore 
I reckon myself to be dead. That is the right kind of reckoning. It is not 
reckoning toward death but from death. God tells us to reckon ourselves dead, 
not that by the process of reckoning we may become dead, but because 
we are dead. He never told us to reckon what was not fact.” 
Watchman Nee, from The Normal Christian Life
Scripture says, “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, 
but alive unto God.” Romans 6:11
This is huge for me. It is the difference between seeing myself as a sinner 
still needing salvation or a saint who sometimes sins. Romans 6:11 seems to 
contradict everything I see about myself and other Christians. However,
if what God is saying in these verses is truth, then I want to understand
it and walk it out.  You see, I will live out of what I truly believe about myself.

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