Friday, April 6, 2012

Crucified, Buried and Risen Again!
Here is the problem. We were born sinners. How then 
can we cut off our sinful heredity? When Jesus was crucified 
on the cross, He was crucified as the last Adam. All that 
was in the first Adam was gathered up and done away with
 in Him. Our union with Him as the second Adam begins
 in resurrection and ends in Eternity. He arose as the Head 
of a new race of men. It is in His resurrection that He stands 
forth as the second Man, and there we were included.
“For if we have been planted together
in the likeness of his death,
we shall be also
in the likeness of His resurrection.” 
Romans 6:5
The cross is thus the mighty act of God which translates 
us from Adam to Christ; from the kingdom of darkness 
into the kingdom of His dear Son.

Now when I get up in the morning, by whose life do I live the Christian life?

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