Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Thoughts

The Power of the Blood
I have been reading Watchman Nee’s book, The Normal Christian Life,
and getting a new perspective on the meaning of the Blood and of the
Cross. This is a good week to revisit these things. Here are some tidbits:
We need to understand the work of the Blood for us, in three ways:
1 Our sins were dealt with by the Blood of Christ.
2 Our guilt was dealt with and our guilty conscience set at rest by 
showing us the value of that Blood.
3 The attack of the enemy was met and his accusations answered by
the power of the Blood.
We need forgiveness for the sins we have committed, lest we come
under judgement; and they are forgiven, not because God overlooks
what we have done but because He sees the Blood. The Blood is 
therefore not primarily for us but for God. This carries over in the old
testament in these two places: The first is in the story of the Israelites 
placing the Blood over the lintel of their homes so that they would not die 
at the passing of the Angel of Death; the second story tells how the High Priest 
would enter the Holy of Holies once a year on the Day of Atonement and 
sprinkle the Blood on the Mercy Seat before the Lord.
Sometimes the sense of sin and guilt is so great, so terrible as to cripple us
by causing us to lose sight of the effectiveness of the Blood. We cannot
approach the Blood of Christ subjectively and measure how we feel on a 
particular day. We have to believe that the Blood is precious to God 
because He says so. A holy and righteous God has the right to say that
the Blood is acceptable to His eyes and has fully satisfied Him--so it
must satisfy me also.

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