Friday, April 6, 2012

The Cross--Good Friday

Ah, why is it called "GOOD Friday?" Read on.

The blood takes care of my sins, but the cross must deal with the sinner.
A sinner is said to be a sinner because he is born a sinner, not because
he has committed sins. We sin because we are sinners.”Through one man’s
disobedience the many were made (or constituted) sinners. Rom. 5:19.
I am an American even if I live outside of America my whole life. I am an 
American because I am born an American. I am a sinner because I was
born in Adam. The blood procures our pardon for what we have done,
the cross procures our deliverance from what we are.
Look at it this way: We try to please the Lord but we find something within that
does not want to please Him. We try to be loving but something inside is un-
loving. The more we try to change the outside the more we realize how deep
seated is the trouble. Then it begins to dawn: “It is not only that I DO wrong,
I AM wrong.”

More on this tomorrow....
The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee

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