Monday, April 23, 2012


“I remember one morning--that morning was a real morning and one
I can never forget--I was upstairs sitting at my desk reading the Word
and praying, and I said, ‘Lord, open my eyes!’ And then in a flash I 
saw it. I saw my oneness with Christ. I saw that I was in Him and that
when He died I died. I saw that the question of my death was a matter
of the past and not of the future, and that I was just as truly dead as He
was because I was in Him when He died. The whole thing had dawned
upon me. I was carried away with such joy at this great discovery that I 
jumped from my chair and cried,‘Praise the Lord, I am dead!’ I ran
downstairs and met one of the brothers helping in the kitchen and laid
hold of him. ‘Brother,’ I said, ‘do you know that I have died?’ I must
admit he looked puzzled. ‘What do you mean?’ he said, so I went on:
‘Do you not know that Christ has died? Do you not know that I died with
Him? Do your not know that my death is no less truly a fact than His?’
Oh, it was so real to me! I longed to go through the streets of Shanghai
shouting the news of my discovery. From that day to this I have never
for one moment doubted the finality of that word: ‘I have been crucified 
with Christ.’ I do not mean that we do not need to work it out. Yes, there
is an outworking of the death which we are going to see presently,
but this, first of all, is basic. I have been crucified : in Christ it
has been done.”  Watchman Nee

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